Monday, February 13, 2012

Iringa Update

A little over a year ago I wrote about updating some of the streets in Iringa, to better match existing imagery.  While the individual updates were rewarding, I complained about the inability to perform multiple edits.  As I worked my way outside of the center of the city, I noticed that the streets were all misaligned.  I logged it as an issue in the Google Map Maker forum.

And nothing happened.

Until now.  I received email confirmation that my problem (the misalignments) had been fixed.  To my surprise, throughout the City of Iringa, the images and the roads are now perfectly aligned.  When I logged the issue, the streets were all 25-100 feet off or more.  Take a look at it now!

It's good to know that Google continues its cartographic work in Africa, albeit more slowly than I'd appreciate.  

On a similar front, last week Google announced it would be collecting streetview imagery in Botswana.  We don't know when the data will be live, but I'll keep my eye out for you.  Read the Google press release.

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