Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Remember Kony?

A few short months ago the web was all a twitter with Joseph Kony and the #Kony2012 campaign.  I wrote that despite all the misconceptions and misrepresentations, the whole phenomenon was a good thing.  People were talking about Africa (Uganda) and it encouraged many people to dig just a little bit deeper.

The Kony phenomenon has come and gone.  This will long be pointed to as an example of how "powerful" social media can be.  But today, Joseph Kony remains free, and western interest is...well, see for yourself.

I suppose it's sad, but it's not as though anyone thought interest would really last. As Kony interest wains, more conflicts are emerging, particularly in Africa. Keep an eye on Mali. The transition away from the junta is far from over. I'm sure many have pointed out the irony that it was after the military coup that Azawad declared independence and the Tuaregs took over control, but it was anything but ironic. The rest of the world could see that coming the day Amadou Toumani Touré was chased from his residence. Stay informed.

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