Monday, August 23, 2010

Where in the World is the Mosque Near Ground-Zero?

In the last two weeks the "Ground-zero mosque" aka the "cultural center near ground-zero" has grown into one of the most divisive topics on American news shows in recent memory.

Before we get into my commentary, lets get to the point (and the fun part) of this post and take a gander at the area in question in this Google image of the week, the area around ground-zero in New York.

You can navigate to this site by searching the following coordinates 40°42'46"N 74°00'36"W

It's clearly not AT ground zero but it certainly is close and considering the circumstances opposition is certainly understood.

I, like most, support the first amendment, protecting freedom of religion. I appreciate the argument that a mosque should not be built "at ground zero" but do not approve of the fear-mongering hate speech tactics being used by some.

What has become almost as big a story as the debate on the mosque is the discussion about the naming conventions of this story as highlighted in this NPR blog.

The blogosphere is all over this controvery, here is one example opposed to the mosque. Notice all the American flags plastered across the site - purposefully sending the message that to be for the development is somehow anti-American. There are also several images from 9-11. This does not have anything to do with honor for the site or the tragedy but a deliberate attempt to tie main stream Islam to the atrocities of the extremists. John Wayne Gacy's acts should not represent the beliefs of the Catholic community. Just like the actions of pro-life terrorist bombers should not be representative of all pro-lifers.

I do believe that some of those opposed to the development jumped on the opportunity to trick the public into thinking that this mosque was in the footprint of the WTC and I think it's an attempt to feed the perception of the uneducated that Obama is a Muslim. The same uneducated probably don't understand we're not the United States of Christianity.

Here's an interesting excerpt from the Israpundit blog - "If the ground zero mosque is tied to terror regimes and groups financially or otherwise, and we know that it is..." What a good looking argument "and we know that it is". Geesh.

The inability to separate the world's Muslim community from Muslim extremists is disheartening. However, just as it is their right to practice their religion in the shadow of the worst domestic terrorist attacks, everyone has the right to voice their opposition. Another reason, this country IS so great. has an fascinating opposition piece to those opposing the mosque/cultural center. Click here to read the article.

It's a fascinating debate and while I fall on the pro side of the argument I do enjoy hearing intelligent points on the other side of the debate. I'd encourage you to leave a comment with your thoughts on the issue - regardless of your opinion!

I'd like to end this somewhat serious post with a little light hearted "news". I see Jon Stewart as the balance to Fox news as Fox sees itself as a balance to the "drive-by media".


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Thanks to the Geography Lady for the inspiration!


  1. Excellent article. I agree, there is no mosque being built at Ground Zero, because it is not at Ground Zero and it is not a mosque.

    The method of combating terrorism and extremism is to stick together no matter how much the terrorists try to separate us. This is why I like your article, it aims to unite us (the peace loving people of the world)

  2. Shoaib - It's reasonable and fair that questions be asked of the organizers behind the cultural center and mosque - as with ANY development - but they must remain civil and rational.

    Thank you for reading!

  3. "they must remain civil and rational"? Is that why you posted to these items that mock people with legitimate questions about this building?

    No American is saying that Muslims "Can't" build Mosques.

    What Americans are saying is that they are questioning the reason that Muslims want to build on a site that was connected with and can be identified with the disaster and terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, with the resulting catastrophic loss of American Lives. The largest ever in the United States.

    Why allow them to do so on a building that received through its roof the landing gear of one of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center?

    This is very inappropriate for them to even consider doing so. If they valued their ties with the United States as "Americans", they would NOT even consider such a thing.

  4. As I stated, I appreciate the concerns over the construction of the mosque. This post isn't about mocking anyone. There are Americans that are saying no mosques should be built. They aren't the majority, but they are certainly there.

    Questions about funding are fine and 100% appropriate as with any major development, but I dont like when the immediate assumption or innuendo is that this is terror funded. There is another funny Stewart video on fox and terror funding :) For the record, I watch Fox quite a bit. I find Beck fascinating. Heck, I'm looking at a Mark Levin book right now.

    I appreciate your comment, MacD, I'd really like to hear your opinion on how far away from ground zero is far enough away.

    I hope to hear from you soon.