Monday, November 22, 2010

A Thanksgiving Tradition and a Map to Boot

One of the things that I find relaxing about the holidays is a standard routine. Knowing where and when the family will get together and that I have four days of leftovers coming my way is a great feeling. Even the fact that no matter what happens, the four-day thanksgiving weekend will seem shorter than any other two-day weekend offers an element of comfort along with the frustration it brings.

Despite this desire to do things exactly as they have been done before I am looking for a new tradition to add to the holiday routine. I think I've found one in the Fifth Third (that's the sponsor not numeric description) Detroit Turkey Trot, a 10 kilometer run that starts at the Spirit of Detroit statue in the heart of the city.

I've found that in addition to being a great way to stay in shape and relieve stress, running is also a great way to see an area. Whether it's gaining a new perspective on a place you see frequently or a way to see a new place as you travel, running is a great way to witness the world.

While I've spent lots of time in the City of Detroit I'm looking forward to seeing and experiencing it in a new way, all while starting a new tradition to bolster my routine.

Ive included two pictures below, the first is an image of the Spirit of Detroit as seen in Google Earth, the second is the 10k race route.

Happy running and enjoy that tryptophan.

Spirit of Detroit

2010 detroit turkey trot course map


  1. From a geographic perspective, what do you typically notice when you run? In other words, what aspects of geography "leap out at you" when you are surveying the landscape?

  2. Andrew,

    Probably because of my background in planning, if my run is in a city my focus is almost entirely on the buildings. I think about the way the positive space impacts the negative space (roads and air) and the history of the area and how it was built.

    In more rural settings I think about how the landscape has changed over time because of geoglogic features as well as mans impact on the area.

    Really it's mostly thinking about taking in the area and its history and appreciating where I am and how it relates to other areas in the world.

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