Monday, December 27, 2010


As I mentioned before, making a lot of corrections in Google Map Maker can be a frustrating and tedious process. Despite that I still find myself going in and doing an edit here or there regularly.

I scrolled around the Tanzania base map and came across the City of Morogoro. Morogoro is situated at the base of a small mountain in Eastern Tanzania. I had lunch there a few years ago on the road between Iringa and Dar es Salaam.

I'm not sure when the imagery was updated, but about half the City now has clear imagery in Google Earth. Because the imagery is so clear, I was surprised to see that the only roads that have been added to Morogoro are the major highways. Nobody has worked on the area in Map Maker. For a project a bit more rewarding than realigning intersections in the generally well mapped Iringa, I started adding new roads, local roads, in Morogoro.

I've posted on the Google Map Maker forum my frustration that the majority of roads in Africa are classified incorrectly as paved. I'm using this opportunity to create a city and also try to do it the right way, with local roads classified as unpaved.

If you're interested in trying Google Map Maker out, I encourage you to participate in mapping the City of Morogoro in Tanzania. You can access the area on here on map maker.

There are plenty of roads to add and railroads to correctly align! Here is a snapshot of what I've worked on so far.

Morogoro, Tanzania

If you are working on mapping another area, leave a comment, let me know and I'll drop by and help!

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