Monday, January 10, 2011

A Peninsula Affair

On a day filled with map and crosshairs news, I thought it would be nice, rather, to touch on an old political hotbed of contention, Crimea. The Black Sea peninsula has been a valuable post for many hundreds of years.

On a weekend that truly passed by in the blink of an eye, I found myself, as I often do, engulfed by a Sunday morning History Channel special: Russia - Land of the Tsars.

History Channel does a good job incorporating maps into their documentaries. They are particularly good at using them to show advancement and retraction of empires. One scene from Sunday portrayed the Russian advancement on the Crimean peninsula, on the Black Sea in modern day Ukraine.

In addition to being a relaxing Sunday activity, the documentary got me wanting to get back in to War & Peace and reread Crime & Punishment. The desire to travel to Russia, or course, also remains.

Here's how Crimea appears on my 2000 National Geographic wall map. A map which, on what was otherwise a challenging day, served as a window of imagination and inspired creative thoughts.



  1. Do you have a wall covered in maps in your home? I've started a modest collection that includes mostly complementary ones from from Nat. Geo Magazine.

  2. Hi, Andrew,

    At home I have the Nat geo executive 110" wide world mural (2009). At work I have the political 70" world map at work as well as the largest Africa and largest Asia maps Nat geo makes. Love em! What do you have?