Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Map

Now that I finally uploaded pictures from my trip to Scotland, I've spent some time trying to geotag photos on flickr. 

It's certainly not as cool as the map featured last week, and I haven't geotagged all my pictures but I'm happy that my map is expanding.

Flickr's tool for geotagging pictures is pretty cool.  You can edit in batch and then go add detail later.  So for my Scotland pictures I initially have placed them all in one location. As I spend more time I'll be able to edit individual geotags to a more precise location, like I've done with this picture of Edinburgh Castle.

So, I'm looking forward to adding more and more detail to my map.  It's an evolving kml file of the places I've been.

I think geotagging is emerging as an incredibly important component of not only photography, but also geography because it produces such great ways to view our world through the eyes of others.  With that in mind, I encourage you to load your pictures on to flickr.com (its free, you know) and geotag them.

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