Monday, July 25, 2011

The Pink Shore

The hope for this blog is to get you thinking about how geography relates to your everyday life.  Hopefully you pick up a thing here or there that you weren't aware of but this blog is not meant to be encyclopedic or your primary source of geographic learning...wikipedia works just fine. 

I'll point out a thing here or there that surprises me or catches me off guard and try to offer an explanation.  Not today.  Today I'm asking you to help me out.  It's not uncommon for something to show up on Google Earth that makes you think twice but I stumbled upon something today that still has me guessing.

This is where you come in.

Randomly perusing the coastline of Greece I came across a portion of land with a distinct pink hue.  My first thought was that it was some sort of camera aberration but I used the time dial to look at other imagery and discovered a similar pink tint.  The fact that the pink tone is apparent in various levels of details makes it apparent that rather than being a camera issue, this is something on the ground.

So help me out.  What the heck makes this area near Nea Lampsakos pink? Salt deposits? Endless sunsets? Blood of Spartans?

If you can't make out the location look for 38 degrees 26 minutes 14 seconds North, 23 degrees 37 minutes 32 seconds East.



  1. I did find some pinkish coastline on Greece but I found much more vibrant blue and pastel green coloration. The coastline of Nisida Kastos is green while the coastline of Vromonas Nisida is vibrant blue. The only real suggestion I have is the possibility of a camera malfunction discoloring the coastline. Google uses composites to make their maps. Is there a possibility of overlapping color conflicts or a single faulty camera on the satellite above Greece?

  2. Just a camera trick I think, here is a picture from that same beach.

    Building look pink also from above.

  3. Hello there!I am from the pink place you mention about!Nea Lampsakos in Greece!I must say that all commentators are right.But I think that there is something else that happens here too.We have a lovely sunset at the left side of the picture,so maybe was the specified time when this picture was taken!I could show you a photo of this but I don't know how to upload here.I must say too that at the left side is Aulida,the place where mentions Euripides ( at his work.You can see some information here