Monday, August 1, 2011

What You See is What You Google Earth

I'm quite sure I've made this clear before but I'm not a programmer.  However, since I've stared at it long enough I'm able to at least git the jist of things like HTML and KML.  Sooner or later I'm going to get around to creating some cool stuff on Google Earth but in order to do that I need to learn more about writing KML, not just being able to (sorta) understand it.

Today I was searching around and came across Google's KML Interactive Sampler.  It's a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) KML editor.  I assume something similar to this has been around for some time but I've never seen it. (I looked - the interactive sampler has been around for a couple years)

What's really nice about this tool is it works as a built in text editor and provides full-fledged text examples of a number of features in the KML language. A quick browse revealed the polygon fade object...or command...or whatever the correct term is, which will serve as my "thing I learned today".

Even if you haven't experienced with HTML, XML or KML you really should take a couple minutes to visit the WYSIWYG interactive sampler. Click on the folders on the left and examine the text that pops up in the middle of the page.  Edit a few of the lines and see how it affects the view in the panel on the right. Remember you'll need to hit the "Update Earth" button for your changes to register.

Don't worry, it won't actually change the earth. That power is reserved specifically for Sergey and Larry. Maybe one of them made the coast of Greece pink. :) 

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  1. this was a great find and terrifically useful for land surveyors. Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna link it up