Monday, July 26, 2010

Where Three Powers Meet - Image of the Week

Without careful inspection one might not realize that Russia, China and North Korea actually share a common border. In addition to the three countries coming together there is a small stretch of land where the borders run near each other in a fascinating way.

I think this area would be a great candidate for Google to update their borders, something they have begun to do in
other areas, as these border delineations could use some serious work. No sense having to involve Bill Clinton in negotiations to release a geography blogger from North Korea if we don't have to!

Below is a blow up of the area and more detail on the point where the three countries come together, at least, according to Google.

You can find this area by navigating to 42º 25' 50" N 130º 36' 58" E. Once again for your reference and my own, you can type the degree symbol on the iPad by holding the O key and waiting for a small window to pop up. Give it a try!

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