Thursday, July 22, 2010

Will Kosovo's Quest Pave the Way for Somaliland?

Another exciting piece of political and geographic history occurred today as the International Court of Justice ruled the independence of Kosovo was not a violation of international law. This is another critical step in Kosovo's path towards international recognition. It's natural to think that this is a step in the right direction for other States seeking to have their independence recognized like Abkhazia and Somaliland but this will not end up helping their cause in the slightest. It's all political BS.

This is good news for the Kosovoan people (I should probalby say those seeking independence) but this ruling does little to change my negative view on the international community's shunning of Somaliland.

Vice President Biden just reiterated the United States' "unwavering commitment to Kosovo's sovereignty and territorial integrity." KOSOVO's territorial integrity! Are you kidding, Joe? Does that mean we invoke the Monroe Doctrine only when it is convenient? If we're going to site territorial integrity, we can't HIDE behind it when LEGITIMATE claims surface.

Feel free to argue with me the legitimacy of Somaliland's claim! Prove me wrong! This has nothing to do with the Organization of African Unity trying to keep the borders as they exist. Somaliland is breaking away from Somalia, NOT Italian Somaliland.

The US has spent BILLIONS of dollars working to form effective democracies overseas. However, when one emerges organically, despite little monetary support and being located next to (or part of) arguably the most unstable place on earth, the US refuses to recognize it. Africa has suffered from colonial borders and disinvestment for decades. Why can we not support a success story in such a strategic area? Let's get passed the Monroe Doctrine already! Oh wait, I forgot, Biden already said we get to pick and choose when we follow that Doctrine!

So while we've always hated Slobodan, we love our pirates and could care less about the growing presence of Al-Shabab in the horn of Africa!

Update: I came across a Serb Kosovo blog I thought I'd share with you. One great thing about the interweb is the ability to find other sides of a story!

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